An elegant design

Exterior design

Stand out from the crowd

Boasting elegant yet robust lines, a refined exterior and a distinctive lighting signature, the Renault TALISMAN possesses the character of a powerful saloon.
Renault TALISMAN - Close-up of front end exterior design

Striking front end

Its wide grille extends right up to the C-shaped front daytime running lights.
Renault TALISMAN - Close-up of rear end exterior design

Rear lighting signature

Its sleek rear lighting signature is instantly recognisable. 
Renault TALISMAN - Aluminium wheel rims

Aluminium wheel rims

Its aluminium wheel rims are available as 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch for an attractive finish.

Interior design

Appreciate its stylish interior

Spacious passenger compartment, innovative technologies and high quality finishes, give in to the style of the Renault TALISMAN.