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Step into the world of Renault SYMBOL

Renault SYMBOL has even more surprises in store.


Comfort and modular layout

Renault SYMBOL - interior space

Interior space

Need more space? Renault SYMBOL brings you a passenger compartment with five real seats. Travel in supreme comfort with a rear seat of particularly generous height and width. The 510-litre luggage compartment is large enough for all your suitcases. All-round versatility.
Renault SYMBOL - Electric rearview mirrors with side turn indicator

Electric rearview mirrors with side turn indicator

Use the electric control feature inside the cabin (depending on the version) to adjust the position of the door mirrors to suit.
Renault SYMBOL - height adjustable steering wheel

Height-adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat

For a more comfortable drive, adjust the height of the steering wheel and driver’s seat.
Renault SYMBOL - rear parking distance control

Rear parking distance control

For easier manoeuvres, we have equipped Renault SYMBOL with rear parking assist.
Beige upholstery with leather like edges

Beige upholstery with leather like edges

Comes as standard.
Renault SYMBOL - Black leather seats

Black leather seats

Renault SYMBOL - folding rear bench seat

Folding rear bench seat

The 1/3-2/3 folding benchseat seat lets you carry bulky items with ease.
Renault SYMBOL - 510 litre Boot

510 litre boot

Carry even the bulkiest items in the 510L luggage compartment.
Renault SYMBOL - bottle and cup holder

Bottle and cup holder

Keep your favourite drink within easy reach.
Renault SYMBOL - dashboard storage

Dashboard storage

Discover the new closed storage compartment at the top of the dashboard.
Renault SYMBOL - door storages

Door storages

The front door storages can hold a 1.5Lbottle. There are also storageson the rear doors.
New additional storages

New additional storages

Rear cup holder, phone pocket on front passenger side seat, front net storage that can hold phone, ticket, keys.
Steering wheel

Steering wheel

New steering wheel with new wrapping material with better aspect & soft touch feeling.
Front armrest integrated in driver seat

Front armrest integrated in driver seat

Comes as standard on SE & LE levels.

Renault technology

Multimedia for all

Fully loaded with technology, your new Symbol comes with the media nav 2.0 multimedia system, automatic air-conditioning, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, C-shape LED daytime running lights, cruise control / speed limiter, and front driver window with one touch control. What could be more practical than an elegant sedan able to adapt to your day-to-day needs!
Renault Symbol - Automatic air conditioning

Automatic air conditioning

The automatic air conditioning lets you adjust the desired temperature for greater comfort.
Renault SYMBOL - Media Nav close-up

Media nav 2.0

Media Nav 2.0 comes with a new graphic interface, an even higher fluidity, it is intuitive to use thanks to its 7” touch screen with customizable 2D or 3D Bird view navigation.
Renault SYMBOL - Trip computer

Trip computer

The trip computer computer lets you view the trip settings at all times: estimated range, consumption, distance travelled, average speed, maintenance schedule, outside temperature.... So simple!
Renault SYMBOL - Rearview camera

Rearview camera

The reversing camera with radar lets the driver manoeuvre without a single bump.


Improved safety

Renault SYMBOL - Cruise control-speed limiter

Cruise control-speed limiter

Use the speed limiter to set a maximum speed and drive safely. To activate this function, simply press the button on the centre front panel..
Cruise control makes life easier by maintaining a constant speed with no need to apply the accelerator pedal.
Renault SYMBOL - Rear parking sensors

Rear parking sensors

Beeps sound when reverse gear is engaged. Parking sensors help when reversing. It beeps to inform the driver of obstacles behind the vehicle. This parking aid includes sensors located on the rear bumper.
Renault SYMBOL - ABS

ABS with emergency brake assist

Emergency Brake Assist system lets you keep your car on course when braking. It works with the ABS function to stop the wheels locking.
Renault SYMBOL - Airbags


Front driver airbag, front passenger airbag with disconnecting function, front side airbags.
Renault SYMBOL - Isofix system

Isofix system

The Isofix child seat anchor system on the two rear side seats lets you fit a universal child seat in the middle.
Renault Symbol - ESP


Drive safely with the ESP (electronic stability program) function. This anti-skid active safety feature helps you keep the car on course.


Tyre pressure monitoring system.