will Renault DOKKER Van fit in your garage?

Length, height, width, etc.

Discover its dimensions in detail.
Dimensions (mm)
Wheelbase 2,810
B Overall length 4,363
C Front overhang 822
D Rear overhang 731
Front track 1,490
Rear track 1,478
G Unladen / laden ground clearance 186/151
H Unladen height without/with roof bars 1,809/1,847
Sill height (unladen) 565
Rear opening height 1,100
L Overall width with rearview mirrors 2,004
L1 Interior width between wheel arches (with/without panels) 1,130/1,170
Maximum loading width (without panels) 1,372/1,413
M Maximum loading height 1,271
N1 Lower boot entrance width (at sill level) 1,189
N2 Rear opening width (1 m from the floor) 1,082
P Opening width at sliding side door level 703
R Opening height at sliding side door level 1,046
Y1 Maximum loading length on floor with tubes/partition 1,856/1,901
Y2 Maximum loading length on floor with Easy Seat removed 3,110
Luggage compartment capacity (dm3)
2-seat layout3300
1-seat layout (with Easy Seat removed))3900
Weight (kg)

Payload     750