All-new Renault DUSTER equipment


Everything for your comfort

Renault DUSTER -

Hands-free card & remote engine start

The keyless entry system allows you to open and start your All-new DUSTER without taking out your keys. You can even start the air-conditioning before getting into the car using the remote engine start. It can also be programmed in advance using the Media Nav 3.0 – 7” touchscreen.
Renault DUSTER -

Automatic air conditioning

Select your ideal temperature. With automatic air conditioning, the air's always good on board All-new DUSTER. Precise to the nearest degree!

Renault DUSTER -

Driver's adjustments

The driver's seat has height and lumbar adjustment to offer you driving enjoyment and made-to-measure comfort. The steering wheel can be adjusted in height and depth. Drive in comfort with the retractable armrest.

Renault DUSTER -

Beige leather seats

The beige leather seats feature a high-quality finish.
Renault DUSTER -

A range of storage

All-new DUSTER offers you a range of smart and generous storage areas! Under the passenger seat, a sliding compartment keeps your essentials within arm's reach.

Renault DUSTER -

Electric power steering

All-new DUSTER can adapt to any situation. Its handling allows you to manoeuvre through the city without effort. It offers optimum precision on rough terrain. On the road, its handling offers you real driving pleasure.


Every road is open to you

Renault DUSTER

Hill descent control

To avoid skidding, hill descent control maintains a slow and constant speed when descending steep gradients.
Renault DUSTER -

Multiview camera

Connected to the media nav system, the multiview Camera shows the images from All-new DUSTER's four on-board cameras. It is triggered by reverse gear or by a simple touch of the dedicated button.

Renault DUSTER -

4X4 monitor

Roll angle helps the driver to appreciate the side tilt of the vehicle. Pitch angle helps the driver to appreciate the slopes and steep climbs while using hill descend Control. Compass helps the driver to orient the car.
Renault DUSTER -

High ground clearance

Thanks to its angles of approach and departure designed for any terrain, All-new DUSTER easily tackles herbs, pavements and rocky surfaces.


Everything you need to make driving easier